Should I stay or go?

I am not sure what to do. I have been in my current job for almost  4 years I took this job because It was a job I needed for experience and of course the pay is good. At the time I had a little girl and a grandma to baby sit. Fast foreword, now I have my a 4 yr old and a 6 mth. grandma is getting older and her health can go from good to bad. My husband and I have to think of a plan to find a sitter luckily my job is close to grandmas house so I can visit during lunch. I felt guilty at first for going back to work full-time but I felt reassured when grandma watches my girls. Then again she is sick in the hospital I told myself if she gets sick again I will need to think of a plan maybe go part-time. I am so sacred to do that! Our fiance are comfortable,and its scary to change work during the holidays and how our wonderful job market and economy has been. I been going to tests for admin work but when i get there the line is long, nooo way  am I getting the position with this many competitors.

My employer has been understanding when I need to take time to attend to mommy duties but I see I just can’t be there for my girls working here full-time. My parents have told me to go part-time but I am scared of getting a part-time job then get laid off! The longer I stay the longer I feel like I am never getting out of here. Another eye opener is I have reached the glass window here. The benefits also suck, lucky for us my husband job is stable and have great benefits still I feel guilty leaving! I know I need to let my employer know soon since the holidays will almost  be over. I have tests lined up and tired of making up excuses what to do!

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